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How to Save

How to Save

How to Save Energy in Your Property

Learning how to save on energy bills is something we all have to do, even if you’ve found a great tariff, waiting for the bill to roll around can be daunting when you know you’ve had a high-use period. And for those of us who are environmentally conscious, there are even more reasons to want to reduce the energy we use.

Here are some useful tips to get you started.

Look into Insulating Your Property

Double-glazing, wall cavity insulation and loft insulation can all cut your energy bills significantly, as well as reducing the amount of energy it takes to heat your property. While these can be expensive investments, over time they’ll more than repay the effort – and in the short term, secondary glazing film is a cheap alternative to double glazing that’ll pay dividends much more quickly!

Always Check Energy Efficiency Labels When Buying Electrical Equipment

The difference between an energy efficiency fridge and an inefficient model, in terms of energy costs, mounts up much faster than you’d expect. You should also be careful to buy models that are only as big as you need, as anything larger than that will be an energy loss.

Is Keeping Your Boiler On Low Really Better?

The answer to this question varies depending on whether or not you have a room thermostat fitted; if you do, keeping the boiler set high is better as it will take less energy to re-heat when the thermostat activates. Keep an eye on the thermostat, too – estimates from the Energy Saving Trust suggest that turning it down by just one degree could save as much as £90 per year.

Are You Ready for Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy sources are a great way to reduce your energy footprint – and if that’s important to you, then make sure your energy provider is investing in renewables too.but fitting solar panels, energy efficient boilers, biomass boilers, and more are all great ways to be eco-friendly and save on energy bills, too!

Shedding Light on the Problem

Energy saving light bulbs have come a long way from when they were first introduced, and now have just as much light – and come in as many variations – as ‘regular’ lightbulbs. Replacing other bulbs across the property can lead to immediate and substantial savings, and making sure everyone in your property remembers to turn lights off when they leave the room will also help.

Switching Providers

Switching regularly can help you to find the best deal, so when switching, put a note in your calendar to compare energy providers again in 12 months time.

What are you waiting for? Comparing energy providers is potentially easier than you think!


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